Performance Engineering

As your business looks to succeed in the world of mobile, agile and DevOps, the link between application success and business success has never been clearer. It’s vital that your applications perform to the demands of modern consumers.

JKVine leads the market with cutting-edge Performance Engineering services, shifting performance testing left in the application lifecycle to optimise application delivery.

Performance Engineering is more than just testing. The demands of today’s applications mean that traditional, late-stage testing methods can’t keep pace with the speed of rapid application delivery. We can integrate performance testing into your CI/CD build pipeline, to enable performance testing to kick off when developers check in code.

Utilising the latest tools and techniques, JKVine’s experienced Performance Engineers ensure that you can:

  • Increase revenue by ensuring your systems perform at their peak
  • Eliminate costly functional and non-functional defects earlier
  • Engage all areas of your team, from development to operations, to build a culture of quality and continuous improvement

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