HPE takes cloud load testing by Storm

Glenn Jacobi, Operations Manager: JKVine invited HPE to showcase their latest performance engineering solution, StormRunner, which changes the game in DevOps environments for cloud-based web and mobile testing.

Glenn Jacobi, Operations Manager:

JKVine invited a select list of thought leaders to join us for executive lunches in Sydney and Melbourne, to discuss how HP StormRunner can reduce the cost and complexity of performance engineering efforts while increasing delivery speed and agility.

HPE StormRunner

HPE’s new performance engineering solution

HPE StormRunner Global Product Manager, Oded Keret, provided detailed insights into StormRunner’s capabilities, success stories and the product roadmap. HPE Technical Specialist Kate Droukman also demonstrated StormRunner and showcased how to design, create and execute cloud-based performance tests easily and efficiently.

We also learned how companies are using StormRunner in conjunction with LoadRunner to provide flexible burst testing for high volume test scenarios. Existing LoadRunner test scripts can be used, or imported from other common load testing tools such as JMeter or Gatling.

The concept of “Virtual User Hours” means that short tests of hundreds of thousands or even millions of users can be performed economically. Load generation infrastructure is automatically provisioned with your choice of provider, such as AWS or Azure, with the ability to assign global locations from which to produce load.

HPE’s Oded Keret, front left, and Kate Droukman, front centre, showcasing StormRunner to customers at the JKVine executive lunch in Sydney

Performance monitoring in StormRunner is also comprehensive, with integrations to common platforms such as HPE’s own SiteScope and other tools such as New Relic and Dynatrace.

Combined with the analysis provided in StormRunner, these integrations provide a real-world, user-centric view of the outcome of your test, providing confidence that you can go live, stay live and optimise your applications.

For more information or a 30-day free trial on StormRunner, please visit the HPE StormRunner site or contact JKVine.