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DevOps, Agile, Internet of Things, Microservices, API Gateways, Service Registries, Containers, AngularJS – buzzwords you may overhear when you are walking past the development team in the office, or read about in the latest IT articles for 2016. What are they talking about?

As technologies such as mobile, cloud and the Internet of Things transform the way the world does business, your application strategy must evolve to seize new opportunities. Gartner predicts the number of all internet-connected objects will exceed 1 billion in 2016 and reach 10 billion worldwide by 2020.

JKVine helps you renovate and accelerate your application strategies to bring new ideas to life. We keep you abreast of digital trends including preparing for the explosive growth of smart machines and the Internet of Things.

Leverage JKVine’s years of experience providing software development services across a broad range of platforms.

When you partner with JKVine, you can expect best practice tools and processes to meet your requirements, with a focus on the quality that you deserve. Our specialists deliver a broad range of development options to meet your business needs.